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Hi i am Scott Sharman not much about me thats that awesome i am going to post alot of the kandi i make tho i hope u enjoy
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This is because I love allllll my perfect plur babies and I appreciate you all so much. I will be giving away a plur package to a random person. It will consist of a few singles, a cuff, possibly a 3d and of course other little cute things. All ya gotta do is be following me and reblog this! Love you allllll and can’t wait to get started on the lucky winners package<3


i would love long time to win :D

just so you no

this is my main blog so if your not following that you should becasue thats the one i post everything on haha 


it’s that time again for another rave photoset~ c:
this was oh my glob in seattle on friday. 
almost the whole illumablez family was there but we didn’t get a picture together. i was dressed up at princess bubblegum c:
all in all though, this was an amazing event. i got really cute kandi. my favourite that i got that wasn’t from family was an umbreon plushie cuff. 
i got to hang out with the awesome flapjack, and family outside of the illumablez and my amazing friend sharmander. 
spaghettios, feather, andrew, and boyfriend came back home with me and we had a SUPER nice relaxing roll and watched like three dvds of spongebob and on saturday hung out with the family again and had a huge cuddle puddle and it was just a fantastic weekend.
i miss everyone so much already. :’c

i love the fact that im in all of these photos except 2 haha we take alot of photos togather :)

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New Kandi

So I haven't poshest anything in a week or two and I'm sorry but my work has just takin up all my time and in working on plur packages but I have a few piks of raves I went to so ill post that thank you all for being so understanding :) love you all



This is still happening guys, I’m just trying to make sure it comes out sounding 100% as best as it possibly could. SOON.

Zedd - Clarity (Meowski’s Trouse Remix) 

This is insane.

I am quite happy with this does it look good ?

I don’t post alot but…

I need to get something off my chest…if you have a moment with someone what you think it’s real then is that moment when it turns out it wasent how should u feel? If you send that person a text and they say sorry regardless of what you say or they say over text…just remember of the sad person behind the text saying its ok…

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